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Video Link Assessments

Video-link assessments form a huge part of our business now: technology has improved,
and people have become more confident in using platforms such as Zoom, Teams and
Skype, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can we ensure that a client is properly supported in a video-link assessment?

Our highly skilled assessors are trained to support clients not only in face-to-face assessments but in video-link assessments too. Often, having someone accompany the client in the video-link assessment to support them works well (for example, in cases where using technology may be difficult or where a person is hearing impaired, a supporting person can repeat and reinforce what has been asked by the assessor, or write down information for the client).

A video link assessment can also be advantageous in us being
able to speak with someone at a specific time of day when they are most likely to be able to make a decision for themselves, and the time of assessment could be rearranged more flexibly than a pre-arranged face-to-face assessment. In completing face-to-face assessments, our assessors will often make use of visual aids to support a client’s understanding and the same techniques can easily be used in video-link assessments through “screen sharing”. For clients with visual impairment, documents can be magnified on screen for ease of reading, or sent to the client in advance of the assessment if referring to paper copies of documents is preferred.

Our core values, whether assessing face-to-face or by video-link, are always to obtain the best result for our client ensuring that we treat people with dignity and respect.

Why do we not offer “same day assessments” via video-link?

One of our important values as a mental capacity assessment company is to always adhere to the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and it’s five principles. Principle Two of the Mental Capacity Act states that individuals should be supported to make their own decisions. In practice, this means giving a person all the practicable help and support that they need to be able to make the decision before concluding that they are unable to make the decision for themselves.

Our specialist approach to mental capacity means that prior to an assessment we will take time to gather background information so that we can ensure that we have fully understood our client’s situation and the decision being made. Only by doing this important preparation work can we be in a position to support our client to make the decision themselves where possible.

While other mental capacity assessment companies may offer the facility of same day video link assessments, we believe that preparation is key to ensuring good outcomes for our clients and to produce thorough assessments that will withstand any scrutiny in the future.

For example, where a person is being assessed for capacity to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), we will ensure that our client has been supported to familiarise themselves with the LPA forms and questions on it in advance of our assessment, so that they have had time in advance to consider each question on the form, what is important to them and to optimise their understanding of all of the different decisions that they will be required to make as part of completing an LPA form.

We are specialists in assessing the mental capacity of a wide range of property and financial matters. Our assessors do cover a wide area of the UK for face-to-face assessments, however, sometimes a face-to-face assessment is not always possible. Where a client needs to meet a pressing deadline, or complete an assessment in a timely manner, our video-link service works really well in assessing more urgent decisions.

Why is it important to keep costs competitive?

With the cost of living rising in the UK, we are always mindful of how the cost of a mental capacity assessment could impact on our clients financially. It is usually the case that a mental capacity assessment is a necessity for clients and that very often, stressful or difficult circumstances may be underpinning the need for such an assessment. Video-link assessments provide a more cost-effective solution for clients, particularly where multiple assessments are required.

Please see our rate cards for costs relating to our video-link assessments.


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