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Cost of Mental Capacity Assessments

Mental Capacity Assessment Prices


Assessment TypeReport
LPA x 1from £380 *
LPA x 2from £530 *
LPA x 1 & Revoke (+£100)from £480 *
Equity Release / Lifetime Mortgagefrom £340 *
Capacity to Act as Executor to include PA14 Medical Certificatefrom £390 *
Statutory Will (CoP3 form)from £340 *
CoP3 (Form)from £340 *
CoP3 x 2from £550 *
Testamentaryfrom £450
Property & Financial Affairsfrom £850 *
Capacity to Giftfrom £340
Capacity to enter into a Trustfrom £450
Capacity to Litigate (Expert Witness Report)from £1,200
Capacity to Litigate & Property & Finances (Expert Witness Report)from £1,400
Health & WelfareBespoke quotation *
CoP24Bespoke quotation *
Item SpecificBespoke quotation

* Please note that our fees cover one (1) video-link assessment or one (1) face-to-face assessment covering all preparatory work including reading time and the specified completion of documentation/report. We do not provide legal advice. If a second assessment is required we will provide you with a bespoke quotation. Due to their nature, some assessments will be eligible for VAT charges.

Payment Terms

All fees will be payable in advance of scheduling an appointment.

Please read our Client information Leaflet and our Terms and Conditions.

What are some of the factors involved in a mental capacity assessment?

Often, a solicitor, will writer, mortgage advisor, health care professional or family member will identify a need for a mental capacity assessment, where there is a specific decision to be made and concerns about a person’s ability to make that decision.

When searching for the correct person or company to undertake a mental capacity assessment, it is important to choose a reputable company with experienced assessors who are registered health care professionals and trained specifically in assessing mental capacity.

TSF Assessments Ltd specialises in providing mental capacity assessments for a range of financial and health and welfare decisions.

It is important to consider the type of report required as this will have a bearing on the costs involved. You will need to think about whether there are any contentious issues that could arise in the future, and whether you might then require a detailed full report or whether a more concise letter would suffice for the decision being made. We would always advise that you seek independent legal advice to ensure that you have the correct report for your specific requirements.

Our charges vary depending on the type of report you choose, the location of the assessment, whether you choose a video-link assessment or a face-to-face meeting and the type of decision being assessed.

Sometimes, a decision may be particularly complex, therefore you may prefer our Clinical Lead Specialist to undertake the assessment. This would incur additional costs. We are happy to provide a bespoke quotation based on your needs.

What is the average cost of a mental capacity assessment?

Our prices start at £340 for a report letter which is usually adequate for decisions such as equity release, capacity to act as an executor, capacity to act as a trustee, capacity to buy or sell a property, capacity to make a decision regarding right to buy, and for some testamentary capacity assessments.

At TSF Assessments Ltd, we pride ourselves on treating clients fairly and consistently and we are aware that mental capacity assessments are a necessity in often stressful circumstances. We always ensure that we support someone thought the process and we have designated Client Liaison Officers (CLOs) who will handle your case from start to finish.

What is included in the cost of the assessment?

Achieving the right outcome in an assessment is dependent on thorough preparation, in order that the client can be supported to make the decision for themselves if this is possible. This is why we take time to gather background information relevant to the decision being made and on receipt of a completed assessment referral form, we may approach you for further information or clarification of information provided.

The assessor will then prepare the assessment, taking into account any support and communication needs that the client may have and preparing any tools in advance of the assessment that may help to support the client and ensure optimum communication.

All our assessments include preparation time, assessment and report. Cost of travel will be charged at a one-off fee of £30 and 55p per mile travel time.

You can rest assured that all of the data that we hold that is personal to you is stored securely and complies with GDPR.

Why TSF?

  • We are a trusted provider of mental capacity assessments within the legal and financial sector and we keep up to date with the latest developments in case law and mental capacity.
  • We provide comprehensive coverage of mental capacity assessments for a range of different decisions.
  • Our pricing structure is clear and transparent.
  • All of our assessments are conducted by experienced and registered health care professionals.
  • We offer assessments at a time and date to suit you.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of GDPR, ensuring that your data is secure.

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